How to use a pre MIDI Korg Monopoly's "Trig In" port to trigger appegiator - in a MIDI studio. I know its an old analogue device but with superb sound generation possibilities. I would like to trigger the appegiator from my DAW (Presonus) if possible?

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So a v-trig is a gate (trigger) port and an s-trig is an inversion of that without the highside voltage. You should be able to trigger it with a square wave from an LFO in your DAW using a cable setup like this one developed by Doepfler. The gate signal from the DAW would be converted into the s-trig signal this way:

Gate to S-trig

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    Thank you for the schematic - it sure looks like a solution. If the components can be built into the connector it will be perfect. I hope that the square wave will trigger the Korg - keen to build it and find out.
    – Nevso St
    Commented Nov 5, 2017 at 23:20

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