I'm trying to sync my Korg SQ-1 with DAW (Logic Pro X). SQ-1 is connected via USB to computer and Logic recognizes it. I've updated MIDI settings in Logic to make SQ-1 receive MIDI clock and tempo from DAW:

-> Preferences -> MIDI -> Sync -> MIDI Sync Project Settings -> MIDI Clock:

enter image description here

Now when I click start in DAW - SQ-1 sequencer starts but there are no sequence sound playing. If I start sequencer manually it plays the sound, check the video:


Do I miss something in Logic's setup?


So my workaround looks as follows:

  • connect SQ-1 to DAW via USB
  • sync out Volca cable to sync in SQ-1
  • set bpm in Volca with the same value as in DAW
  • hit record in DAW
  • hit start in SQ-1

Probably not ideal solution but works.

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