I want to be able to play MIDI notes written in my DAW via my Korg Volca FM.

I checked several articles and the general idea consists of these steps:

  • create MIDI track in DAW
  • DAW track sends MIDI data to Korg Volca FM
  • Volca sends audio into Audio Interface
  • track's DAW audio input comes from audio interface

Keeping this idea in mind I ended with the following setup with the help of devices that I have:

  • I have MIDI track with notes in DAW (Logic Pro X)
  • DAW's i/o is connected to Audio Interface (Xeryx302usb) via usb
  • Arturia Keystep controller is connected to DAW as slave via usb
  • Controller's MIDI-out is connected to Korg Volca FM MIDI-in
  • Volca audio out is connected into Audio Interface's stereo line

enter image description here

I'm able to play controller's keys and hear volca's sound. Also when I hit play in DAW, controller and volca sequencers are enabled which is fine cause they are slaves. But unfortunately notes written in track are not played. I assume that controller is not passing this data from DAW into Volca... do you have any ideas?

  • set MIDI-thru to "ON" in Keystep software settings solved this issue!
    – Kosmetika
    Oct 29 '17 at 19:16

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