The Xenyx X1622USB has a FX Footswitch insert at the top of the board near the Behringer Logo.

Is this used with a regular footswitch to turn the effect "Off" or "On"? Nothing in the manual provided.

Or is this where you connect a Guitar Effects Pedal into?

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According to this SOS article, it is for a latching footswitch to bypass the FX section.

A stereo TRS jack carries the output from the internal effects section and there's an effects bypass footswitch jack for use with an optional latching footswitch.


I have the Behringer XENYX X1222 USB mixer, and I can confirm that you need TRS cable and footswitch to mute the effects. I used the TGI footswitch, model TGFS1. Works perfectly, allowing me to switch off effects during normal speech.

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