I'd like to achieve something similar to that descending pitch heavy sound as heard here : https://clyp.it/jf0uqdoq# Any idea?

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  1. Use a SINE wave signal (yes read on)

  2. Let it dive an octave (either by gradual resampling, generator pitch automation or LFO / Wheel pitch control on your synth)

  3. Add a percussive hit to the start (like a kick drum)

  4. Feed that into a distortion/overdrive/clipper (consider a guitar amp simulator).

The overdrive/distortion will transform the sine wave form towards a square wave as the signal tops are clipped away.

enter image description here

This overdrive step is quite crucial to the way the initial hit also influences the distortion of the sine. A square might work out too, but I don't think that is what is going on here. It sounds much like a subkick bass dive sample distorted heavily and these are mostly made of diving sines with a kick/floortom sample in the start.


Oh man that sounds like the Camel Crusher plugin if I ever heard it!

Try putting a square wave with a pitch envelope through Camel Crusher (or the next best thing).


try adding a kick layer too with heavy saturation. enough to where it sounds like that lol


drop sound sample (reverse riser)

with distortion / bitcrusher

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