My wife likes karaoke. I just purchased an Android TV box (not received yet) and thought it could be used for her karaoke needs.

I would like to know what would be the best way to achieve this, knowing that she plans to sing on YouTube and other Chinese apps, and that if possible I'd like to use my home cinema speakers and avoid using PA/karaoke speakers (but that's still an option) because they will take more place and are usually not so beautiful.

So ideally, for her, everything should be simple: while watching a YouTube music clip, sound goes to speakers, and her voice also goes to the speakers, wife is happy :-)

I thought of purchasing the Numark Sing Master but I worry about the sound quality and I don't think it's enough powerful, plus I think it's quite ugly and that for this price I can come with a better solution. So I looked for alternatives.

Description of what I currently have:

I will receive soon:

The Khadas should be plugged to the AV receiver using HDMI ; by default all the sound passes through the HDMI cable, unless headphones, Bluetooth AD2P profile or an external audio interface are used on the Khadas (like an Android phone will do).

Which is why I came with the following idea:

  1. Purchase a Phonic Celeus 200 mixer that has built-in Bluetooth input and is also an USB audio interface (normally supported by Android 5+ devices)
  2. Purchase 2x Shure SM58s microphones known to be good quality and good for singing
  3. Purchase 2x XLR cables for microphones to mixer
  4. Purchase a converter cable from female XLR to female RCA, to put between the mixer and my AV receiver
  5. Connect the microphones to the mixer
  6. Connect the Khadas to the mixer by Bluetooth so that all its audio gets rerouted out of HDMI and outputted to the mixer. OR connect the Khadas to the mixer by USB as Android 5+ should be able to output sound through an USB audio interface.
  7. Apply compression to the microphone inputs so that it does not blow my tweeters
  8. Open android app and sing!

Here's a diagram of what I am thinking to do: karaoke installation

What do you think about it? Should it work? Can someone come with a better solution (simpler/cheaper/more reasonable...)? Is it dangerous and/or a bad idea to use my hi-fi speakers?

Is has been mentioned in the comments that Bluetooth may have too much latency and so will not be suitable for karaoke. In that case I thought about not using the Bluetooth functionality of the mixer and using instead an aptX Low Latency receiver such as this HomeSpot device, that I would plug to the mixer by mini-jack-to-jack cable. Expected latency should be around 40ms.

Or, I could try to use the mixer as an USB audio interface, it should work.

(if anyone has enough reputation to create the karaoke tag, thank you because I could not)

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    Forget Bluetooth, there's too much latency in it. Wire up. – Tetsujin Aug 30 '17 at 8:45
  • Even with AptX low latency? – Gabriel Hautclocq Aug 30 '17 at 8:49
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AptX#aptX_Low_Latency - 32ms will drive your singer insane. You really need to be under 7ms to not be hideously distracting. – Tetsujin Aug 30 '17 at 8:52
  • Allright, so what are my options? The Khadas only have HDMI and later SPDIF outputs. – Gabriel Hautclocq Aug 30 '17 at 8:58
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    SPDIF ought to be fine, I've never used HDMI for sound so I've no experience with that; I really don't tbh know what half of your setup does, it's very much consumer audio which I know next to nothing about. Everything I use has big ol jack plugs or XLRs ;-) – Tetsujin Aug 30 '17 at 9:09

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