I am sorry if this is a bad or annoying question to ask, especially since I am not too good at describing what I mean. But let's take this example.

The first 13 seconds we have a slow piano playing, then this pieces blows off with a "high" playing instrument that leads the melody. I mean that instrument. What is it? Or at least how do I recreate those sounds to use in my own works?

Not sure if it is the same, but this soundtrack also uses a very similar instrument to create dramatic sounding music.

I would really like to know how they are done.

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In the link you provided the lead instrument is a violin, possibly the lead violinist (concertmaster in the US) of the orchestra playing at the same time.

  • Violin! Of course! I am so dumb.
    – ClassicEndingMusic
    May 11, 2017 at 15:56

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