I'm ripping a CD audiobook in Exact Audio Copy (EAC) and want the metadata track titles to reflect the track number (which reach >100, e.g., Track 001, Track 002, ... Track 099...) Is there any way to automate this within Exact Audio Copy (EAC) without manually renaming each track title?


I don't know a one-step solution to do this, but here are two two-step proposals:

Solution 1:

  • Create a file containing all numbers from 1 to 999 formatted on 3 digits like this:


    then select the whole text (usually Ctrl+A) and copy it to clipboard (usually Ctrl+C).

  • In EAC, go to menu Database > Get CD Information From > Clipboard (Shift+Ctrl+V).

    As a consequence, the titles of each track should be replaced with its corresponding number, and EAC will save titles as metadata.

How to create such a file?

  • Use a spreadsheet software such as LibreOffice Calc, Microsft Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Use a programming language, for instance in python (try it online):

    for n in range(1,1000):
        print "{:03d}".format(n)

Solution 2:

  • In EAC, go to menu EAC > EAC Options..., then open tab Filename and type in Naming scheme input :


    This way, the name of the files produced by EAC will be equal to the track number on 3 digits plus a file extension.

  • Then, in a metadata capable audio player/editor (I recommend Foobar2000 for this purpose), fill titles from filename (in Foobar2000, right-click on selection then choose Properties, then click Tools > Automatically fill values..., and use File names as Source and %title% as Pattern).

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