I am working on a project where third parties submit videos to our system for deployment. We would like to use a single reference level that would allow us to specify "loudness".

If we were to specify a range in dbFS, would the maximum level (0) be the same across all video editing programs running on end user machines? If not, is there a unit or combination of units we can use to convey the levels to vendors?


The international consensus seems now established that loudness measure should be done according to ITU R BS.1770.

Algorithms to measure audio programme loudness and true-peak audio level

It is widely used for broadcast delivery specs.

There seems to be two main target levels : -23/-24 LUFS for broadcast, -16 LUFS for streaming.

The EBU R128 is based on BS.1770 to which it adds a few other measures. There are many commercial or free available tools to measure programs loudness.

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