I'm planning to purchase two YAMAHA HS7's and wanted to ask about setting them up with my PC. I'm also planning on buying a DAC and I still haven't decided on which one, not willing to spend more than 100$ on, would be great if someone could recommend something to me. So my question is, do I need any other equipment to connect my speakers<->DAC->PC? I read somewhere about people using some sort of sound interfaces, would a DAC replace the said interface or I would still need a sound interface in addition to DAC?

I'm not planning on recording or working with any sound production programs, speakers will be mainly used for music/movies etc.

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Sound cards/interfaces (even the factory one in your computer ie. Headphone jack etc.) are essentially the [DAC/ADC] converter you're talking about. The external ones usually come with a USB cable to connect to your computer, so you'll just need a couple of cables in order to connect your speakers.
For under $100, look into the brands ART or Behringer. Your local music store should be able to get you set up pretty easily.

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