I am editing a audio file where someone has given me start/stop times to cut out of the file. However once I cut one out the whole timeline shifts making the rest of the start/stop times incorrect. I am new to editing audio so it might have a name but there has to be something that handles a situation like this I would assume? Can someone point me to the right function or place on how to handle cutting out multiple time ranges for the same file. Thank you.

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To do it one marker at a time, without messing up the ones you haven't yet done, start with the last marker & work towards the beginning.

This assume that once you've done a cut, you no longer need the marker.

  • Thanks I actually woke up thinking of doing it this way like light-bulb!
    – Danny
    Jan 25, 2017 at 16:46

Consider replacing the sections with silence or with a low-level tone that will be easy to re-locate. When done go back and delete those sections.

To replace, highlight the section and choose Generate... Silence


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