Imagine that you have:

  • A microphone (XLR)
  • Audio compressor (Behringer MDX2600)
  • PC internal sound card (like Creative Sound Blaster Z)

Is it possible to connect it like this?:
Mic(XLR) > Compressor > PC internal sound card

P.s. I know that it is possible connect it to USB audio interface instead of internal SC.

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    You'll probably need a preamp between the mic and the compressor, and whether you can connect the compressor to the sound card depends entirely on the types of inputs it has. – Linuxios Jan 14 '17 at 1:11

You will definitely need a preamp between the microphone and the compressor.

You will also likely need a balance to unbalance conversion cable between the compressor output and the PC Sound Card as the inputs are generally unbalanced.

Connections are:

  • 1--1 (GND)
  • 2--2 (+SIG)
  • 3--1 (-SIG)

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