Can anyone help? I am trying to run my CD/DVD player through my 4-way mixer, so have plugged phono leads out from CD, into the jack (via a small-to-large adapter) on the mixer. I lose massive sound quality (especially vocal tracks) from the CD. Yet if I unplug one of the phono leads, I get it back (but only in mono). I've tried switching leads, jack adapter, mixer input socket, etc, and the only thing I can do is keep one of the phono leads unplugged (in "CD audio out").

Any explanations / fixes?

  • what is your mixer model
    – frcake
    Jan 8, 2017 at 23:30

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The wiring of the plug to the adapter is wrong. The loss of sound quality you are hearing is basically because you are listening to L-R in mono which will negate the centre-panned vocals.

You need to use a different input and different connection strategy. you need to change all connection components in order to eliminate the issue. Try a different set of leads, jack adapter etc.Also make sure that the jack plug is firmly seated in the adapter - sounds like it might not be at the moment.


You have to run each channel of the CD player to a separate input on the mixer. Your "4-way mixer" most likely has mono channels, so to properly handle the CD player output you need to use two mixer channels or use a mixer with a stereo input.

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