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It's the entry point of my 5+1 philips home cinema system. There are 12 points for 6 cables and every cable has 2 points to connect. I want to learn the name of the connector, so I can search if there is a converter for a regular entry point.

More detail:

My philips home cinema media player is broken after a year (board is not working), and the tech service wants 60% of the total worth of the home cinema system, which is very absurd. I just want to use 5+1 part of it and throw away the player. I will use it on my Panasonic plasma tv, which has the regular audio entry points, and HDMI entry points.

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They are called Philips "Easy-fit" speaker connectors. They are a proprietary feature and a p.i.t.a. ;)

Here's an article on how to replace them.

And here's a listing for replacement parts on eBay.

Hope that helps!

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