Does anyone know if the audacity is capable of generating 8 bit unsigned PCM code comma separated or just 8 bit unsigned PCM code that are represented as bytes/number values? If not, any clues on which program is capable of this? I have designed a board that is capable of playing sound via PCM and thought it would be an easy job to find a converter program from wav to pcm.


ffmpeg -i original-file.wav -f u8 -acodec pcm_u8 8bit-file.pcm

See also here.

It's not comma-separated but binary, but that's definitely the more sensible choice – especially for a board with very limited bandwidth.

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Do this in two steps. First generate the RAW file (in audacity, there is an option to export to headerless RAW audio file under Export -> Export Audio). Make sure you export to 8-bit signed or unsigned values.

Then, using a linux tool called xxd, you convert the binary file into a c header file(I suppose you could do this with any hex viewer but I haven't tried). The header file has comma separated hexadecimal values of all samples of the audio in an array. You can copy from the array, and using a little scripting, convert those hexadecimal values into any representation.

Here is the format that xxd -i input.raw outputs by default:

unsigned char hel_raw[] = {
  0x7e, 0x7e, ......
unsigned int hel_raw_len = 2555;
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