I'm setting up my monitoring speakers PM0.5n and I'm wondering about the correct wiring of the cable to plug into the combined xlr/jack connector. I couldn't find the manual online, and the manual for the PM0.5d (d instead of n) doesn't seem to answer my question.

I want to use a TRS (jack) connector for each speaker, each one will receive an unbalanced signal. The TRS female connector on the speaker seems to be a three points connector. Should I use Tip/Ring for signal / signal ground and Sleeve as shielding (i.e. chassis ground), or should I use Tip for signal and Sleeve for signal ground? It it's the latter, why are there 3 connectors inside the female jack on the speaker?

Edit: in other words, should I connect the S of the speaker female TRS to chassis (=earth) ground? I'm happy with experimenting and trying 2-3 ways to solder the cable ;-) (The input will be PC/smartphone/iPod/etc..)


If you have an UN-balanced source, then DO NOT use a TRS plug at the speaker end. Use a TS plug and that will ensure that the connection will work regardless of how the (undocumented) speaker input connector is wired. This is not a guess.

It would have been helpful if you had revealed the source gear.


I guess the former, based on Wiring an XLR 1/4" jack combo wall box to a single cable (Neutrik ncj6fi-s) and http://hamysound.com/index_htm_files/90861.jpg

But it's only a guess.

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