I am using four voice recorders to record the audio of a group interview. Three of them are Sony IC Recorder ICD-PX440 (stereo) and one is a Phillips Voice Tracker (mono). I synced the four tracks in Audacity around a clapping sound towards the middle of the recording. However, I find that whereas the three tracks coming from the Sony recorders sync perfectly, the Phillips track is out of sync as I move away from the clap. That is to say, the mono track is synced with the stereo ones around the clap, but is off by milliseconds towards the start and end of the track. Is this to do with the encoding of the audio? Can I do something to correct it in Audacity?


Check the sampling rate that each of the recorders are using. For example, you could be running into issues importing a 48kHz digital recording into a 44.1kHz DAW project.

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  • spot on: one recording was 44.1kHz and the other 22.05 kHz. – InspectorSands Sep 28 '16 at 0:13
  • Follow up question, Dorito: my two recorders have been syncing perfectly, but in one recording session there was heavy rain during the first 5 minutes of the intereview. Only this interval of out of sync and the rest is in perfect sync. Can background noise somehow affect playback speed? – InspectorSands Oct 3 '16 at 21:17

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