I have created a system to plug my studio mic (MXL 990) into my MacBook's 3.5mm headphone jack that consists of the following system:
Mic -> AC Power supply for the mic -> 3-Prong microphone cable to 6mm headphone jack transformer -> 6mm to 3.5mm converter.
The system, however, doesn't work. I have tried diagnosing the problem myself with the following:

  • Using a different mic
  • Skipping the transformer in the line
  • Skipping the AC Power supply in the line
  • Hooking up to a different mac, and directly to a speaker.
  • Checking the output voltage of the AC power supply

Mic -> 3-prong mic cable (1)

3-prong mic cable (1) -> AC Power supply to mic -> 3-prong mic calbe (2)

3-prong mic Cable (2) -> Transformer -> 6mm jack -> 3.5mm jack -> Computer


The suspect area is the ¼" jack & ¼" - ⅛" adaptor.
It needs to be correctly wired as a mic input to that specific jack socket, which on a Mac is a 4-pole connector, TRRS, for headset/mic combos.

I can't see the whole TR[R]S to be able to guess, but even if it is correct, the mono Shure TS jack is going to be shorting the connections inside the ⅛" adaptor.

You would be far better served if you invested in a dedicated USB audio interface.

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