Recently I've come across some old .it (Impulse Tracker) files. I was able to play them with VLC media player, but I was wondering if I could convert them to MIDI somehow.

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Found this - not tested it though.

http://www.modplug.com modplug can open it/mod/xm and save it to midi.


I'v just converted this MOD (from Morten "Clyde" Christiansen) to MIDI in Ubuntu 18.04

  1. Download OpenMPT Windows program. I tried with openmpt123 without luck.
  2. Install wine:

    sudo apt install wine-stable 
  3. Install OpenMPT. On menu: File > Export as MIDI


  4. Install appropriate packages to be able to play MIDI files

    sudo apt install fluid-soundfont-gm fluid-soundfont-gs
  5. Open the midi file. You can also try with the old classic CLI MIDI player: timidity

    xdg-open prelude.mid

    Audacity also open MIDI files.

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