I hear hardware units algorithm sounding far better than their software reproduction, more precise, accurate, dense and linear. listen this video

I know many units run fixed point CPU against the floating present on nowadays computers and it does make difference but I'd like to know in a very technical perspective what are the differences on what's happening and what's algorithmically differs between them.


Most likely a different algorithm.

Do you think the manufacturers would be able to sell more expensive hardware units if the same algorithms of their boxes in the thousands dollars would be available as $99 plug-ins?

I don't think mere numerics "problems" are able to make substantial changes. The numerics "errors" occur in 5 or 6 decimal places and therefore are mostly the concern of scientific computing. Also, why'd fixed be better than floating point?

  • Technically I don't know, I've just being told that on some hardware units is running a fixed point CPU, so I merely made a syllogism.. – lazzaro Apr 15 '16 at 6:49

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