I have a setup with the Behringer X32 mixer, plus 2 of the S16 stagebox.

When I use only the X32 I can connect to my computer (Firewire or USB) and record 32 channels without problem.

When I use the X32 in combination with the S16 I cannot record. Sound comes in the X32 but audio-card receives no audio signal.

Is there any known issue, limitation that is known for this setup?
If the setup blocks the X32 audio-card functionality is there any other idea of how I can record at the same time? maybe via optical ADAT?

Feedback, experience or instructions if this is possible would be interesting to hear about.

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Ok, so I got my mistake.

It is possible to use the setup to do live sound as well as record. The missing part was setting up the routing in the card out menu. That is where we choose what the sound card will be using, and sending via USB/Firewire to the computer. I set it to the AES50 ports A1 to A32.

The setup should look like this:

enter image description here

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