I've recently bought the Sony - PCM-M10 as an external recorder to accompany my Sony a6000 camera which doesn't have any external microphone input.

While I really like the sound of the build-in mics on the PCM-M10 I decided to buy a shotgun mic. After listening to the comparison here: http://www.newmediascholar.net/tester/ I decided to go with the Rode - NTG-2.

I bought a second hand one and couldn't try it out as it was from a guy from different part of the country.

Now I am quite disappointed. To get usable sound with the Rode NTG-2 (with a fresh battery) plugged into the PCM-M10 via XLR - 3.5mm jack cable I have to use the 'High Mic Sensitivity' on the recorder a then it is significantly noisier then the PCM-M10's built-in mics. Also (the hiss aside) it sounds muffled and overall much worse than the standalone PCM-M10.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it just not a suitable mic for the PCM-M-10?

What would you recommend?

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2 possibilities I think, 1 is the XLR to 1/8 Cable may not be original and therefore not wired correctly , (XRL pin 1+3 wired to ground , Pin 2 goes to a Blocking Capacitor that is wired to Tip and Ring of the 1/8" TRS )

Or the Mic is bad , I have the NTG-2 , and also NTG-3 so I know what they sound like , and Muffled they are not . Direct to Camera the NTG-2 is decent for run and gun location work , where I am close up to the target . So The Sony M10 should not have issues with that mic .

Try - Menu , Setting , Input Plug In Power OFF , see what happens Try - Cable test , with multi meter , Pin 2 of XLR , should register on Tip and Ring of TRS plug ( TRS means Tip Ring Sleeve , sleeve being ground .)

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