I searched for help so long! I really want to know how to make the exact same lead sound in any synthesizer as it can be heard at 1: 15

Please help me! I have no idea how to start (I am pretty good at producing I would say but not in sound design)

You would make my day!!!

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The majority of sound design in the electronic genres are simply applying ADSR envelopes to the volume and the filter cut-off of a synth.

This sound (and all other nice electro plucks) are ALL about the ADSR envelope controlling the filter cutoff of a low pass filter.

Any pluck starts with this starting point, and then just gets tweaked from there.

  • First put the low pass cut off at midway starting point.
  • then put the routing/control of the ADSR env generator the influence the low pas filter about +50%. This control is usually at mid point/neutral. So midpoint = 0%
  • then put said ADSR envelope attack=0% decay=25% sustain=0% release=0%

Once those are set from there, the three parameters you want to tweak to modify the sound are Low Pass cuttoff , ADSR decay time, and env to filter control.

What about the oscilator that we are filtering? Well for this particular synth, it is either a square wave or more likely a series of sin waves at octaves - which is essentially a a square wave with less overtones.

This is with 100% certainty the method used for this kygo pluck. Just tweak those 3 parameters and play with the oscilator type.

  • If it does don't forget to flag it as an answer. Also try using TyrellN6 freeware synth.
    – Scorb
    Mar 15, 2016 at 16:35

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