For doing a bass-reflex box I need the Thielle-Small parameters.

I know I can get T-S with a mic recording a speaker, but how?

Can someone give me precise instructions about what I have to do?

I searched on the web (maybe with the incirrect words) how to do it, but nothing was found.

Any help is higly appreciated!

  • I think you're wrong about being able to determine Thiel Small parameters with a microphone. Normally they are available from the manufacturer of the driver in question. They are obtained by measuring and/or calculating the electrical and mechanical properties of the driver. – Todd Wilcox Mar 6 '16 at 7:18
  • A bit late with this as I only saw it now. diyaudioandvideo.com/Tutorial/BuildMicrophoneForSpeakerTesting I hope it helps – Cedric Nov 17 '16 at 21:35

The assumptions of the question are incorrect. Measuring a speaker to derive the Thiele-Small parameters does NOT require a microphone of any kind. You can refer to a page like this to show how to measure the T/S parameters:

Measuring Thiele-Small Parameters V1.2 http://www.mh-audio.nl/downloads/read-measuring-tsp.pdf

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