I heard this awesome song and I was wondering how was it possible to make the plucked sound that pops out in the drop (1:36)

It's something like my favourite song ever, so I'd like to know how to make that Niv Rève's signature sound, so I can use it in my tracks.

Thanks in advance!


If by pluck you mean the bass, it's the "Organ 2" preset on the Korg M1. If you don't want to buy hardware, there's an official VST version and even a portable version for the Nintendo DS.

If instead you meant the higher frequency lead, it's just a hollow wood block sample pitched around and drowned in reverb.


They don't sound like a plucked sound to me, explore your synths percussion sounds. Woodblock/claves and congas or similar.


To make all sorts of electro plucks you have to use a low pass filter on your synth. Then you apply an ADSR envelope to the low pass filter with 0 attack, 0 sustain, and 0 release, then modify the decay value. You can achieve all sorts of variance by modifying...

  • how much the ADSR influences the low pass
  • the initial position of the low pass cutoff
  • the decay time of the adsr

Also for fat plucks you want to play chords or simple octave. In the one is sounds like two notes, exactly 2 octaves apart.

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