There is an audio splitter from 1 stereo to 2 mono.

The stereo plug is connected to the common audio exit of the pc. If I connect the stereo jack of audio headset with the mono1, why do I listen the sound only from just one speaker?

I suppose to listen the audio from left speaker with mono1 and with the right speaker with mono2.

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You will hear the left audio from mono 1 and the right audio from mono 2, but if you are plugging a stereo headset into either one of them, you will always hear the audio through the same side of the headset. I can’t remember exactly, but I think that will always be the left side. That is because a mono plug is essentially the left side of a stereo plug. Mono has only one side.

If you want to hear mono 1 through the left side and mono 2 through the right side, that is actually stereo. You don’t want to use the mono adapter in that case. What you want to do is use a balance/pan control set all the way left to hear the left side of the audio in your left ear and silence in the right, and then set the balance/pan all the way right to hear the right side of the audio in your right ear and silence in the left.


You need an adapter that takes the single signal on your mono output and connect it to both side of a stereo headphones.

If all your connectors are 3.5 jacks, here's an example of such a product : http://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-107158-Stereo-Adaptor-Plated/dp/B003DBTAZ4

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