How can I create a spring sound like in the following songs?

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    – JSmith
    Commented Feb 6, 2016 at 21:12

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For Madonna you can check this tutorial which pretty much explains the basis of how to make this type of sound which is by the way a, let say, "Brass Trap" sound more than a spring sound. Pay a special attention to few things on this sound :

  • Portamento/Bending
  • The Density

For the second track, they've probably made it by recording different spring sounds (from the same source), then cutted the source into samples in order to make a ryhtm with it, they' ve probably also corrected the tune of the sound. This is really easy to do so by using samplers like Native Instruments - Kontakt

So just to be clear, first sound is a synth and second is a recording, so not the same technique to make it and not the same sound.

Hope this helped,

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