I have a long recording which I want to mark all the sound motifs for later reference.

How do I mark points while playing back so that I can jump between them (or find them easily) later?

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Add a label track, and find the start of each leitmotif. Place your cursor at the beginning of the area you want, and press ctrl+alt+v or Edit>Paste Text To New Label. This will create a new label, and if there is any text in your clipboard it will be added. However, this must be saved as a .aup (audacity project), since labels serve no purpose to audio players, and increase load time and storage space, all other formats will strip away worthless data.

  • You missed the point about "while playing back" but your answer led me to the real answer which is "Ctrl+M". You can press it repeatedly and it creates empty labels in the label track. :-) Feb 10, 2017 at 10:54

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