I've got a tv in my outdoor area as well as some stereo speakers built into the roof. There are stereo cables which lead from the speakers to where the tv is.

I recently bought a budget amp which was Lepai Size: LP-2020A to get sound playing from the tv to the stereo speakers. (12V, 2A power supply. Specifications: Power output: 2 x 20 watts RMS ; )

Two things...

  1. Unfortunately I learnt that my tv only has an optical out and the lepai doesn't have an optical in. The amp has only got RCA in and headphones in.

  2. I tested the amp by playing music to my iphone through the amp to the stereo speakers and while the music played okay to the speakers at a decent volume, once I turned the amp up just pass 60% volume the sound in the speakers starts to break up. This makes me think that my amp was maybe not powerful enough.

Can anyone recommend me a fairly small not to expensive amp that might suit my scenario given the two points above?


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    Same deal with my tv -> amp setup: I bought a cheap D/A converter, similar to this on ebay. Solid, metal housing. I bought it about 18 months ago, and never had a problem... touch wood. – Marc W Dec 6 '15 at 15:17
  • 2. You need to check the speakers' specs to be sure. You could check them for damage too, being "built into a roof". – Marc W Dec 6 '15 at 15:23

Here is a post that might help you link.

You could also buy an audio interface that works standalone with a volume Knob. This one looks nice : Esi Dr.DAC. You only have to check if the volume is ok for you and also if works standalone.


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  • thanks. I've bought myself a DAC today. Can't wait till it arrives int he mail for me to try – Richie Dec 7 '15 at 2:37

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