Where can I find docs about audio standards in the industry (max DB, Sampling rates...). Best if they are classified by domain (TV, Cinema, Video games, music). Actual standards would be well appreciated (I claasify audio cd standards as old...).

my question is generic so don't hesitate posting your answer even for 1 particular domain.

Many thanks in advance,

  • The EU are developing a bunch of standards for media. Here's one on loudness: tech.ebu.ch/docs/tech/tech3342.pdf – blarg Dec 4 '15 at 15:47
  • Thx. Nice.Would you like to have it listed on the post? – JSmith Dec 4 '15 at 15:51

Real Life delivery formats

44.1/48 kHz @ 16/24 bits

Files formats

Specification of the Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) - EBU

RF64: An Extended File Format for Audio - EBU

Standard Mixing Levels for Movie Theater, DVD, TV, Internet, Radio and Games

gearslutz thread



TV :


EBU R128

Video Game


Apple iTune

Mastered for iTune

Recommendation for Loudness of Audio Streaming and Network File Playback

Technical Document AES TD1004.1.15-10


AES 67


among many others ;-)

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Regarding levels there is an article by Jeff Towne http://transom.org/2011/levels/ – excellent explanation of every aspect of this complicated area. It's not so easy to say "max DB standard".

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ATSC/85 is the US broadcast standard. They have a really well done and extensive PDF at ATSC.org

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Try to get your hands on the NBC, CBS, and major broadcasters spec sheets. Ive seen them for delivery requirements for broadcast.

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