As a part of a psychology test, I have three mono audio files and I want to play them through three separate speakers simultaneously.

To aim this goal I bought an USB 5.1 surround sound card (Blaster OMNI Surround 5.1 from Creative).

I wand to have file1 in left speaker, file2 in right speaker and file3 in rear speaker for example.

Is that possible?

I downloaded some sound editor softwares but I couldn't make them work as I want. Actually it is OK for the file1 and file2. but for file3 I can't hear anything. Moreover, a low volume version audio of file1 and file2 are play in rear speakers.

Can anybody help me how to handle this?

If I want to do it using programming, is there any library to control channels?


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Well, I found the solution in another software named "Sound Forge Pro v10".


  1. File > New >
  2. Select "Surround 5.1" or "Surround 7.1".

enter image description here

In that page you will see 6 or 8 rows. Drag&Drop your files in these rows. After that you can change the default channel assigned to row by clicking on the numbers at the top of right-side.

Finally save the result as a file! :)

Update: When you save it as a single file and play that file with a player, Windows or Player add some noise of channels on each other automatically. So it you want the channels to be separate as precise as possible, play the final audio in the SoundForge environment itself, and don't play it with another player as a file. That's it.

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