I´m getting a rig to record quiet ambience with a Jecklin disc or simply using a spaced technique and would like to know if anyone has experience comparing the Audio-Technica AT4022 and the Oktava MK012 MSP6 with the omni capsules. Mostly concerned about self-noise here. Thanks for any tips.

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Oktava MK012 have a reputation for being not as quiet as most similar microphones. Both the electrical self-noise and the mechanical handling noise are weak spots in the Oktava's reputation. If I had to choose, I would think that the AT4022 would very likely be quieter than the Oktava MK012. I own a pair of Oktava MK012 and I would think twice about using them in a low-level sound application.


I like my AT4022s a lot and I prefer them to the Oktavas (which I've used a few times). Folks who own the Oktavas tend to enthuse about them, but I like many of the AT 40 series of microphones.


No direct experience with the Oktavas, but the 4022s are really good mics and have a great reputation with nature sound recordists. There is also evidence of them testing quieter than the spec from Audio Technica here:


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