I have an M-Audio Fast Track Pro (MAFTP) running on a Windows 7 64-bit OS with an 3.4 GHz i-3 processor and 8 Gb of RAM. Yet usually when I run any sort of audio through the MAFTP I get serious lag with cracking and popping sounds. When I watch a Youtube video the video will lag as well.

This is sometimes fixed by unplugging the MAFTP and unplugging my Pro Tools MP-9 dongle, but that's becoming a less and less reliable work around. My computer is plenty fast and this happens even if I'm just playing audio through windows player.


This sounds like a latency issue. Are you using the stock windows driver? -If so, try ASIOForAll which has a lower latency than the standard Windows driver. You can download it for free. In your DAW check also check the buffer size / sample rate settings in the audio configuration settings. If the sample rate is set too low the popping & cracking is generally a symptom of this. -Hope this helps

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