Does a Yamaha FC3 sustain pedal work with a M-Audio Keystation 88 II keyboard controller?

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The FC3 is only compatible with keyboards with half dampering capability. We recommend the FC4 piano style pedal instead.

NOTE: The FC3 is only compatible with: S90ES/XS, MOTIFXS/XF, P120,140,155,P250, P60, P70, P85/P95,NP30, All CP series digital pianos.

- Yamaha FAQ

From what I understand, the FC3 features "continuous sustain". This means that it is more than a simple on/off type of pedal: it can register how far down the pedal is pushed to give continuously variable sustain. However, the keyboard has to support this.

It appears the Keystation 88 II does not, unfortunately.

It is possible that the pedal will work with your keyboard but only as an on/off type, which means you will lose some functionality. (As an aside, all Keystation keyboards seem to feature an automatic polarity checker, making it possible to use a sustain pedal with any polarity.)


Try it & see ;-)

There are only, as far as I know, 2 types of sustain pedal, press to open or press to close circuitry. Some machines can actually 'learn' which you plugged in if you do it before power-on.

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