Hey guys Im trying to get this sort of delayed snare sound, I think it may be my sample that IM using but kinda wanted to see how this is made. It seems like a snare drum that is delayed at very short miliseconds, somewhere between 75-90, Im using fab filters timeless to get the sort of effect you here in this track. You will hear this sort of snare that is repeated really fast. It occurs at 1:10 and 1:26 of the track below

Any thoughts of how to get this effect would be greatly appreciated. I tried messing with the delay somewhat but cant seem to find it sounding similar

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Sounds like a short snare ruff sample, not delay. Listen to this guy 2/3 in here:

  • yes Ive actually figured that out in the meantime. Its like a 16th note followed by a 32nd note, if you put some minor delay on that like I described in my original question, it sounds pretty close.
    – Dom
    Jul 29, 2015 at 1:12

That is not a delay, or an effect. It is called a roll. 16th notes, 32 notes, and even 64th notes can create this effect.

It's important to know that a crescendo (a gradual increase in volume), or a decrescendo (gradual decrease in volume) will enhance the effect.

I made a clip that you can easily reproduce. Snare roll sound It is a roll using 32nd notes beginning with a very quiet note gradually increasing until the last couple of notes that are loud.


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