Although I'm a beginner for Cycling '74 Max so I may not understand some of its concepts themselves, can I duplicate lots of generators (e.g. ~cycle) easily?

What if I want to run 100 ~cycle which sound randomly? Even so do I have to create and visualize manually all generators in the patch?


If you're new, it's best to start with the tutorials that are built into Max.

Read my points on starting with max here. As Bit Depth said, the Cycling'74 forum is the place to go.

That said, for your actual question you should look into using the [poly~] object.

  • Good point. I hadn't thought about poly~. Again Max comes with some excellent tutorials on using this object. – Bit Depth Jul 8 '15 at 10:21

You will probably get a better response to Max questions on the Cycling'74 forums, rather than here: https://cycling74.com/forums/#gsc.tab=0

Objects in Max can be easily duplicated using standard copy & paste functionality. You can also duplicate object programatically using the javascript objects. Look them up in the supplied tutorials.

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