I will need to test the Insert connections on my Zed 24 Allen & heath mixer as I'll be hiring it out, now to avoid any doubt

I need to know

a. whether I can actually test it safely without a proper fx proccesser? b. If Insert cables are the same as a stereo split cable i.e.: and can I use the one I have see link


I have a small 8 channel fx mixer behringer ub1204fx

Can use the inputs and outputs on this mixer to test it or do they need to use a proper fx processor?

will appreciate any help


  • I have a hard time understanding what you are asking. Why do you want to use a fx processor to test insert connections on a mixer? can't you just use a tone generator? Jun 24, 2015 at 9:32

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Q1: I've done some research, and yes, you can use the Stagg Stereo -> 2 x Mono cable in the link. It will work as an unbalanced insert lead.

From A&H Zed 24 Manual: enter image description here

Q2: To test the insert connections, you just need to find out if the signal is being sent/returned through the mono jacks. You could do this by connecting the Mono jacks together; tip to tip. You could use a crocodile clip wire if you wish.

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