I'm trying to recreate this heavy and interesting bass stab/pluck that comes over the vocal at the drop of No Quarter by Zac waters.

Here's what I'm referring too!

If anyone out there can tell me how make this patch or how to recreate the sound it'll be really helpful!

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Here is my attempt to recreate it in SuperCollider (here is the code and here is audio)

Could use a little tweaking but I think it's pretty close.

You could definitely use any number of hardware synths or plugins to do the same thing. General method I used, create a "pluck" sound with Karplus-Strong synthesis, and combine with a triangle wave, sine wave, and sub sine (sine wave at 1/2 the frequency). I also added a "click" at the beginning to give a little more punch. Then used enveloped resonant low pass filters to give it that synthy twang, and applied a little distortion to give it some color.

Hope this is useful!

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