Im pretty sure this is made with sylenth or massive, but how?

From 1:38 to 2:00 Thanks!

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It could be an additive synth using the timbre of a bell to define its harmonics...layer oscillators in different pitch relationships to each other or layer multiple synths. FM synthesis is often used to generate bell-like sounds too, which have a naturally computerized sound. And lastly you can load in a field recording of a small bell into a sampler and use it as one of your layers, combine it with some gently futzed sinewaves and you've got yourself an instrument.

There is a heavy pitch glide/portamento as well, and it sounds like at points they've taken a note, reversed it, and added it to right before the beginning of the next note to give that pull and push feel.


Do you have logic? If so, try sculpture, it's a modelling synth of a string, great for making these kinds of sounds

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