In Adobe Audition, how to have an audio track playing, zoomed somewhere, and have the "portion of the audio track that is zoomed in" to not follow the playhead? In case I want to fine-tune the marker position for a loop, for example (by the way, is there a simpler way to do that?). In Propellerhead Reason there's a "Follow Song" option that enables/disables it. I can't find anything in Google so probably I'm not using the correct terminology used for that in Audition.


I just learned that Shift + X Makes Playhead Return To Original Position in Adobe Audition, which solves the problem (for my specific case, at least).

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(For Audition v. 5 and above) Edit ► Preferences ► Playback ► Uncheck "Auto-scroll during playing and recording" box.

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