I'm using my Korg Extreme (midi from the OUT) going to midi IN on a Presonus 44VSL interface. This alows me to record using everything about the Korg as it is, or, also as a controller for everything there is in the 'instruments' section of my Studio One 2 DAW. It is quite convenient. Is it possible to add another workstation into the mix to act exactly as the first keyboard does? How & where to connect the midi cables- Or the next best scenario?


With a single MIDI input port, the 44VSL can handle only one device.

Nowadays, it is likely that a keyboard has built-in USB. If not, you can use a USB/MIDI interface cable to get a second MIDI IN.

  • Remember friend, I'm new at all this. One keyboard has two usb ports, the other keyboard has one. The interface doesnt have a regular usb port. If you are saying the usb ports will resolve my query, could you please tell me where exactly to connect to what? Apr 1 '15 at 18:36
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    @eagerbeginner If your keyboards have USB connection you can connect them directly to your computer, you don't need an interface. Like any other USB device: mouse, printer, scanner, etc. Grab an USB cable and connect one end to your keyboard and the other end to your computer. Repeat with your other keyboard, and you are done.
    – Tom Cat
    Apr 1 '15 at 19:16

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