What kind of filter is a French Lowpass Filter?

In one example I know of, the Serum soft synth, there is a lowpass filter called the "French LP" under the "Misc" set of filters.

I suspect it may exist under a different name, possibly. At first I thought it might be a Butterworth filter, but it would be a misnomer, because Butterworth was a British inventor.

I don't know of many popular French synthesizers, but there are undoubtedly French software-based filter designers. Does anyone know what this filter might be modeled on?

More importantly, what differentiates it from a normal low pass filter?

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All I know is it seems to be a reference to french house, the "french touch," which is a filtered-disco sound. Expect a prominent, musical filter, but I am not an expert on filter design so I can't separate out the marketing angle from the reality of what you will get. Examples of the kind of music being referenced:


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