I am working with a pair of condenser microphones. My mixer's gain knob should be turned on about half of single step (almost "minimum") to adjust the sensitivity each of one. Is there a trick, how I can change the gain knob level "zoom" to have a chance make wide turns for gain tuning?


If I understand correctly, you are currently using your mixer's gain knob very close to it's minimum gain position, and you'd prefer to be in a middle position.

This means that the output level of your microphones is close to the max input level of your mixer's inputs. Possible workaround (depending on your specific equipment) :

  • There might be an attenuator switch on your microphones, that would lower the output signal of your microphones.
  • There might be an attenuator switch or potentiometer on your mixer's mic input, that would also lower the signal incoming into the mic preamp.

This issue might also reveal that you are close to the max acoustic pressure that your microphones can handle without distortion.

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Most Condensor Microphones have a "pad" switch (usually -15 or -20 db). That will decrease your input volume, allowing for you to turn your gain up and have greater ability to fine-tune. Also, most mixers have a "pad" switch or button as well, and this will do the same thing.

However, I have never encountered a condenser microphone producing such a strong signal that I literally have no need for a preamp... which makes we wonder if you have another gain stage somewhere in-between your mic and your mixer? because it sounds like your up at line level before you even hit your mixers preamp.

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