I am thinking of buying one Sony PCM-50 for capturing sounds i am going to use in a video game. And cause i am tight on budget i d like to ask if i can connect external directional mics on this portable recorder (without the XLR-1 adapter witch is going to cost me another 500 euros or so!)

if i use it with a shotgun mic that takes batteries am i going to need something else except an xlr to mini jack adapter to be able to write on pcm50?

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The PCM D50 does not provide phantom power, so you'll have to use a powered mic and an xlr to minijack adapter.

I use the Rode NTG-2 with it here and there and it works fine.

I found out that it was far easier to hang the recorder from my neck than to use a bag though. that preamp or connector even get breathed on and your recording is broken.


i think this was answered somewhere else on this site already. you can use the d50/m10 with ntg-2 and similar mics by just using a xlr to minijack cable. these are commonly used by filmmakers too and you can find them in stores that sell audio/eng cables. in Germany, Thomann sell a "pro snake kamerakabel" female xlr to "dual mono" minijack. the minijack connector fits the m10 (and i guess d50) fine, but be wary of the xlr one in windy conditions (e.g. when using a softie).


You could use any other portable phantom power source besides XLR-1. AKG B18 is one choice. A Sound Devices MP-1 also costs less than XLR-1 and contains a superb preamp, so you could hook it to PCM-D50 using line level.


After all the research i done (mostly in here) i end up in purchasing one Sony PCM-D50 portable recorder.

The verdict? Awesome! I would like to say a big thanks to all of you with your comments and point of views for helping me.

I already tested the pcm-d50 with onboard mics, a shure sm57 and a cheap shotgun mic. They all sound fantastic. The onboard mics are crisp and clear and the preamps that drive the external mics are very very good as well!


I recently purchased a Sony PCM-M10 and was wondering the same thing.. I guess a Rode NTG-2 is next on the list, unless anybody else has any suggestions for close sfx/impact recording..?

  • i purchased a very cheap Thomann EM9600 for like 50 euros and i can work very good till i get a better one! Sep 30, 2010 at 11:30

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