In my VO and ADR room I am considering buying wireless headphones for the talent - this would be awesome to do away with another cable.

Do any of you have experience with a certain type of wireless headphones that you like? All I really need is a reliable setup that sounds good enough for a voice talent (some are less audio-inclined than others, hah!).

I wonder if the RF would interfere with the mics... Any input, anyone?

Your experiences are very much appreciated.

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Be carefull with any wireless equipment for monitoring since It always has a limited range of frequences (not all of them can be sent without a wire). Probably it will interfere on your perception of the recorded sound, more or less depending on the wireless transmission technology of the equipment.


The only experience I have with wireless headphones are cheap bluetooth headphones (can't recommend 'em). But Rob Nokes just recommended the Sennheiser RS-180 wireless headphones today on Designing Sound.

RN: For studio recording I absolutely love the Sennheiser RS-180 wireless headphones because they are wireless. The sound quality is not “wired” quality but it’s very good considering the price ($300) and the flexibility of working wireless in the studio.

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We use wired but over in Ardmore Sound in Dublin they use wireless in their Foley stage.

Alan (the manager) is a nice chap, he might tell you what they use.


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