In a site where i wanted to download a sound track to use in my project, i read that the license of that sound says:

"This work is licensed under the Sampling+ License." link

What does this mean exactly? can't i use this item for commercial use?

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Commercial use: You need to alter it significantly or mix with other sounds to the point that we can say it is a new creation.

Noncommercial use: You can use it analtered.

In both cases:

  • You need to give attribution to the creator.
  • You can't use the track to advertise or promote anything other than your new work. This says that there is no way to use it to create jingles for tv/radio ad. or movie trailer music etc.

As the license says, you can't use it directly for commercial use without altering it, but if you use it as a sample that you make creative changes to, then it is authorized for commercial use as a portion of your own artistic creation, provided that you give attribution to the original creator for their portion of the work.


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