I'm looking for this hi hat sound. As you can hear it's a lower one. I'm really interested into this sound and i couldn't fin it. Supose that any of you knows what sound it is or what library contains it and for me is so important. Your can hear this sound here:



It has strenght but it sound smooth


  • sounds like a 909 to me, pitched down, but could have been through any number of resamples/repacks/rejigs since it was new. – Tetsujin Dec 12 '14 at 17:19

I'm turning this into an answer, not really because it's necessarily the right answer, but because I discovered a very cool web page about 909 cymbals.

Drilling down the waffle on this thread - analog 909 hi hats on Gearslutz led me to a page where someone has actually built their own 909 circuitry, using [with permission, stunningly] the original 909 ROM samples & original schematics.

A round of applause to Colin Fraser for not only doing this, but providing the original samples to the rest of us, to muck up in whatever way we choose.

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