I've just bought reaktor and i'm looking for some tutorials to get started, can anyone recommend some videos or a book? I don't mind paying for one of the online video tutorials around but i wanted to see if anyone could recommend a decent one, Thanks!

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There are some good basics on youtube if I remember correctly.

The big thing really is remembering there are two types of data, numbers and audio stream. If you want to use audio to say... change the frequency of a filter you have to put a converter between the two.

Other than that if you know the principles of cv and gate (cv being pitch, gate being on.off) then you should be partially set.

Have a look on youtube on how to create a subtractive synth in reaktor. This is part 1 of what looks like a decent series:


I have been slowly delving into reaktor over the past year or so and I am finding a ton of great resources here. adsrsounds.com

Also, I am reading Designing Sound by Andy Farnell. It is using Pure Data, but a lot of the same principles apply.

Good Luck!

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