I wonder how can I make the sound of a mosquito or a fly or any kind of insect? I prefer a comic sound.

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A bread and butter way is using a comb with thin paper, put the paper on top of the comb, covering the upside completely, with the teeth pointing at you, and blow between them. Might take a little practice, but does indeed work well!


Jimmy Macdonald was Disney's first sound effects designer and he is responsible for so many of the quintessential cartoon sounds that we associate with. He does a pretty good job of the talking fly/mosquito sound using rubber tubing attached to a kind of drum skin. You can see a demonstration of the sound in this documentary (highly recommended viewing for some general inspiration).

Disney Family Album #4 - Jimmy MacDonald


Rub your knuckles or finger nails fast enough. Record about 20-30 seconds, use a high-pass filter on the recording to get rid of the unnecessary low end, then pitch it up until you get a buzzing sound. It would resemble little wings. :)

You can use various objects to get different timbres with this technique.


Press your lips together real tight and then force the air in your mouth out between your lips so they vibrate at a very high pitch.

You can very (vairy?) the pitch by loosening or tightening your lips or using your mouth muscles to change the shape of your lips.

I find this very comical when a dog or a cat is in the room.


I made a video to answer your question:

Use FL Studio, and use a violin plugin like here

  • get a single violine synth

  • use panning filter on it

  • filter it with equalizer

  • automate the volume

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