I need an operation to be performed whenever a change in a control is performed. Operations are only performed when the left input is changed or it receives a bang.

Right now I'm achieving this by using a [t b f] object, like this:

trigger two inputs

This works for two inputs (I still wonder if there is a different, better, less ugly approach though) but things get uglier and uglier as more inputs are needed.

For three inputs, for example, I thought about something like this:

trigger 3 inputs

But I don't know, I feel that there are better alternatives (maybe there's a bug with this?)

What is the common way to implement multiple controls triggering an operation? Which are my options here?

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From the answers in the mailing list, it seems that using a [t b f] object is how this is handled. When more than one input is involved, each input needs its own [t b f]object:

multiple t b f

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